100 kW DC-DC converter design files

Package “ Medium Frequency Transformers”


The package focusses on the different MFTs designed for the DCDC converter prototype :

  • 180 kVA, 20 kHz, 1.2 kV to 0.6 kV one phase MFT
  • 250 kVA, 20 kHz three phase transformer with modular coupling (Yy, ΔΔ and Δy) and voltage ratio
  • 150 kVA, 20 kHz, 1.2 kV to 1.2 kV three phase transformer with Yy coupling


trl 5

Complete tests realized in laboratory with realistic operating conditions.


High efficiency medium frequency transformer at 20 kHz with air cooling.


  • Auxiliary transformer for rail
  • Solar applications
  • Electric vehicles
  • Energy storage


  • Albert Pereira Ph.D. Thesis on the design of this transformer
  • Mechanical assembly of the transformers
  • Electric & multi-physic models
  • Testing reports
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