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Participation of SuperGrid to the ISH 2017 Conference

2021-08-11T16:31:21+02:00décembre 11th, 2017|Appareillage électrique haute tension, Conference, Evenement|

For 40 years, the biannual conference ISH (International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering) has permitted to researchers all around the world to meet and share their research in the high voltage field. The 2017 edition took place from August 28 to September 01 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Supplying Power to HV (≥10kV) control and measurement boards: a challenge to overcome

2021-08-11T17:53:37+02:00décembre 11th, 2017|Appareillage électrique haute tension|

New high-voltage power electronic converters and facilities for transmission grids tend to have multiple power switches at different floating potentials. Moreover, the trend goes towards the use of power switches with higher operating voltages (up to 10kV), in order to reduce the number of switches by system.

Effective ionization coefficients and limiting field strength of Fluoronitriles-CO2 mixtures

2021-08-11T17:02:08+02:00décembre 11th, 2017|Appareillage électrique haute tension, Publications|

The density normalized Effective ionization coefficients and critical breakdown electric field of the Heptafluoro-iso-butyronitrile (Fluoronitriles), and Fluoronitriles-CO2 mixture are investigated using the steady state Townsend (SST) experimental setup, over a range of the density normalized critical electric field (E/N) from 200-1066 Td (E is the electric field and N the gas density).

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