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Over- and Under-Voltage Containment Reserves for Droop-Based Primary Voltage Control of MTDC Grids

2021-02-18T09:40:18+01:00February 18th, 2021|Publications, Supergrid Architecture & Systems|

This paper proposes a comprehensive methodology for determining the converter droop settings to ensure the voltage security in MTDC grid.

A Novel Distributed Supplementary Control of Multi-Terminal VSC-HVDC Grids for Rotor Angle Stability Enhancement of AC/DC Systems

2021-01-21T20:36:59+01:00January 21st, 2021|Publications, Supergrid Architecture & Systems|

A distributed supplementary control for embedded Multi-Terminal VSC-HVDC Grids to enhance the transient stability of the surrounding AC grid.

PhD Pascal TORWELLE: “Development of a HVDC grid protection strategy based on hybrid OHL and cable lines”

2021-01-19T16:26:14+01:00January 19th, 2021|Phd, Supergrid Architecture & Systems|

This thesis identify the major challenges when considering the application of non-selective fault clearing strategy to hybrid grid structures and to propose solutions.

“HVDC links control to enhance stability and security of power systems”: discover Abdelkrim Benchaib’s presentation at Power Transmission in Asia

2020-12-22T17:54:01+01:00December 8th, 2020|Conference, Supergrid Architecture & Systems|

Abdelkim Benchaib presentation on the importance of adding HVDC links to existing grids in order to increase grid flexibility.

PhD Nicolas MANDULEY “Contribution to Insulation Coordination Studies for VSC-HVDC Systems”

2020-12-03T17:54:13+01:00December 3rd, 2020|Phd, Supergrid Architecture & Systems|

A contribution to the development of high-scale HVDC systems, particularly regarding insulation coordination for Voltage Source Converter (VSC) based technologies.

Ocean DEMO awards: SuperGrid Institute is selected for EU funded project

2020-11-18T09:34:11+01:00November 4th, 2020|Funding, HVDC Cable Systems, Press release, Supergrid Architecture & Systems|

Thanks to the Ocean DEMO’s support packages, we will be able to test our innovative offshore technology in real marine environments.

A vision of HVDC key role towards fault-tolerant and stable AC/DC grids

2021-02-24T10:32:58+01:00October 24th, 2020|Publications, Supergrid Architecture & Systems|

Achieving an efficient and robust AC/DC grids transmission system requires to develop a vision of HVDC role and functionalities in different situations.

[VIDEO & PRESENTATION] Demonstration of Non-selective strategies for Meshed HVDC networks

2020-10-12T11:54:02+02:00October 12th, 2020|Event, Supergrid Architecture & Systems|

Thank you to all those who attended our webinar “HVDC Grid Protection System Demonstration" on the 3rd of September.

Webinar “Unlocking HVDC interoperability”: organisational and contractual aspects of developing multi-vendor HVDC projects

2020-09-23T10:47:24+02:00September 23rd, 2020|Event, Supergrid Architecture & Systems|

We discussed the organisational and contractual aspects of developing multi-vendor HVDC projects.

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